33 French Tip Nail Designs that are Out of this World 2017

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France is to elegance as the moon is to night! All the latest fashion trends originate from the heart of France i.e. Paris and one evergreen style that it put forth are French nail tips. Not only do they look classy but they keep your nails prim and proper. Although the trend began with white varnish on the tips, it has now progressed to a lot more than just that.

First of all, you could simply go for the native style that is white nail varnish on the tips with a clear glossy coat on top. This keeps you looking professional! On the contrary, just to add a little spark you can put on small gems on the nail or perhaps a tiny sticker? Taking it a level further, replace the white with any color of your choice!

How cool is that because your nails can match your dress and still look perfect! Give it a cute touch by doing French on a few nails and paint the remaining ones in floral designs. On similarly adorable grounds, you can give a different tip color to every nail. On the contrary, achieve a very hot look by painting the base matte and the tips sparkly metallic. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can try out polka dots, cheetah prints, glitter tips and what not?

Lastly, make it certain that your nails are clean and cut properly. No design can look truly good no matter who does it unless your nails are perfectly manicured.



33 French Tip Nail Designs that are Out of this World


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