33 Ponytail Hairstyles to Rock your Style 2017

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While every girls loves to let loose those gorgeous curls or flip her dead straight hair in the air; every now and then you want to tie them for a formal meeting, perhaps on a hot sunny day or maybe just because you want it out of your face for a while. A modest ponytail will fulfill the purpose, but why not give it a little twist and make a unique ponytail hairstyle?

High ponytails always look marvelous because they radiate an attitude that other looks cannot. Whether it is an important meeting or just a first date; high ponies are hot! Another everyday look that you can improve is by making a simple pony but adding volume to the base of your hair. The teased hair effect instantly brings elegance to your style. If you feel that your face is too exposing, add bangs to the forehead or simply leave a few strands of hair outside of the hairstyle to cover. If you have a party coming up, you can braid two sections of hair and pull them around your head. After that, make a ponytail. It’s a super easy yet super cute look. If you want a sleeker look, simply gel up your hair and make it smooth on the top; it’s simple to execute and pleasing to look at.

Lastly, if you’re in a hurry and can’t shampoo, just tousle up your ponytail; your hair will look bigger and rougher masking the effects of uncleanliness. So, which one is your favorite?



33 Ponytail Hairstyles to Rock your Style 2017


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