33 Glamorous Finger Nail Art & Designs

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Being a woman has its perks of course, but it is also a very high maintenance job. From perfect clothes to the most glossy hair, sleek heels and manicured nails; you must have it all. And once you do, your self-confidence is potentially enhanced! Nail trends keep changing day to day but there are some funky styles that you can try to stay in the game and be on top of it too!

For beginners, you need not worry about precision of nail art, just go ahead and purchase nail stickers and paste them on. Ranging from every color possible to all patterns imaginable, you can get yourself a pretty nice deal. Cooler designs include cheetah or leopard prints that catch every eye; ombre nails are also making it big in the fashion industry. To funk it up even more, try super fluities like gems, beads and punk studs on a plain base color. With nail art, there is no limit. You can paint on whatever you like ranging from simple polka dots to 3D stickers and even celebrity faces! Yes, there are a few artists who will paint the face of your favorite celebrity on your nails. Talk about groovy fashions!

When it comes to cosmetics, hair, or nails, everything is possible; the only glitch is that you must feel comfortable doing it. As long as you remain who you truly are, all fashion trends will look perfect and the moment you sway from that is when you can sidetrack completely.

33 Glamorous Nail Designs to Make You Stand Out Everywhere

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