25 Beautiful Short Love Quotes and Sayings

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Love is the most natural feeling or relationship. It exists everywhere around us. It is found in the nature when the first drop of rain falls after a long dry period. Love is in the air when first flower of spring blossoms in the backyard. Love is the morning song of the lovely bird outside the window. Love is the parental care. It is the first warmth of the mother’s hand when it touches the baby.

Love even prevails in the darkness of womb. Love is the father who protects you like a roof in all weathers. Love is the teacher who pours out the heart to give you the best. Love is your brother and love is your sister. Above all these relations and emotions, love is the ultimate feeling that brings a hurt soul close to his creator, the God.

While entering into a relationship it seems difficult how to express the innate feeling and the emotions. It appears that there are not adequate words. Everything you say seems incomplete. To give you a comprehensive choice of words and phrases to express your love, following are the most expressive quotations expressing love.

These quotes have everything that you are looking for. They have the beautiful words, deep expressions and all the honesty that a relationship looks for. These quotes are uttered by heart. They will make it easy to pour out your heart for your most intimate relationship. Read and express your love the way you like.

25 beautiful short love quotes and sayings

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